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Monday04 December 2023

Lasermet Laser Curtains

Lasermet offers laser users a range of laser-blocking free-standing screens, curtains and roller blinds. 

These are all designed for use as passive guards to enclose an area where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use, either to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam, or for long term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.

Lasermet curtains in Athens

Laser-Blocking Curtains are made from Lasermet's specially-developed laser-blocking material and are supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains. The material is white on one side and black on the other side and will operate as a blackout screen as well as a laser-blocking screen.

Lasermet’s Dolphin Laser Blocking Curtains are CE marked and certified to EN 12254 – Screens for Laser Working Places. These curtains are intended to be used to stop stray laser radiation from escaping a laser-controlled area or laser working area.

Lasermet Orca laser safety curtains

Orca laser blocking curtains Certified laser blocking curtains for Class 4 and Class 3B lasers - for Hospital and Medical Environments; Clean Rooms, Universities, Laboratories and Research Establishments

To ensure Class 4 and Class 3B laser beams do not escape from laser laboratory or medical facilities, including hospital theatres, certified laser blocking material should be installed. Ordinary curtains are rarely capable of stopping a laser beam and specially-designed certified laser blocking material must be used (Certified to IEC/EN 60825-4).


Wolf laser safety curtains Cost effective, certified laser blocking curtains for low and medium powered lasers

Lasermet’s Wolf Range of Laser Safety Curtains are manufactured from a specially developed laser-blocking material and can be supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains.

Lasermet's laser safety cabins protect personnel from the dangers of high powered laser beams by absorbing the laser power in the specially designed walls and roof.

The Lasermet Lucas Laser Castle® is an Optical Table Top Enclosure for laser safety that fits onto rails located on an Optical Table.

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