This is a low cost-cost solution to protect personnel outside the pod. Lasermet’s Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain pods are made from the company’s latest specially-developed Dolphin laser-blocking material. The pod is an 8ft (2.4m) cube and the material is black on both sides.

  • Low-cost
  • Flat-pack for easy self-assembly
  • Ideal for Hand-held laser welding
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Keeps you safe from laser radiation
  • Laser only enabled to fire when door is closed
  • Laser is disabled if door is opened
  • Laser Interlock Controller is dual channel for added safety
  • Fully interlocked

Inside laser safety welding curtain enclosure

It is supplied as a low-cost, self assembly pod in flatpack form to enable easy transport and assembly by the customer. This means that it can also be dissassembled and rebuilt in a different location quickly and easily if required.

One of the walls of the pod acts as an access door which includes an interlocking device that disables the laser if it is open or unlocked.

It is connected to the ICS-Solo interlock controller to ensure that the laser is only enabled once the door has been closed and the interlock engaged.

EN 12254:2012 Screens for Laser Working Places
Laser radiation protection levels are shown in the table below.

EN 12254:2012 Screens for Laser Working Places
180 – 315 D AB8 + IR AB3 + M AB5Y
180 – 315 D AB6 + IR AB7 + M AB7Y
1050 – 1400 D AB5 + IR AB7 + M AB7Y
1400 – 25000 DI AB3 + R AB3Y

The Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain Pods are ideal for hand held laser welding operations that need to be contained to protect surrounding colleagues.

Access to the pod uses this interlocked locking device. The sign changes to show if the laser is on or off. 

Inside the pod: This shows the ICS Solo interlock controller with the distribution box and the keyswitch.