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Thursday28 January 2021

Laser Blocking Screens

Lasermet standard laser screen

Lasermet Laser Blocking Screens are offered in standard and heavy-duty options. Both are made from materials which have been specially developed by Lasermet using their expert understanding of practical laser safety requirements. These screens can be used to block lasers of all wavelengths.

Standard Laser Blocking Screens 

These are available in two standard size screens.

LBS-8 is 2.44 m (8 ft) wide                 
LBS-4 is 1.22 m (4 ft) wide.

Both are 1.92 m (6 ft 4 in) high, which is high enough to protect the eyes of anyone less than 6 ft 8 inches tall standing right up to the screen, while low enough to pass through a standard doorway. The screens can be made higher if desired.














Standard Laser-Blocking Screens consist of a black powder coated steel framework, mounted on lockable castors. The framework supports a laser-blocking screen made from Lasermet's specially-developed laser-blocking material which seals to the floor.

The material is white on one side and black on the other side and will operate as a blackout screen as well as a laser-blocking screen.    

Both sides will block laser radiation but if the white side is used as the laser-blocking side a higher specification of blocking will be achieved, making it suitable for higher power lasers.

Standard screens can be wheeled easily into position and then kept there by locking the castors. Multiple screens can be connected together using connecting pieces (LBS-C) in a straight line or at an angle up to 90 degrees. If four or more screens are used a rectangular enclosure can be constructed.

Heavy-Duty Laser Blocking Screens        

Lasermet Heavy Duty Laser Screens

These screens are designed to block all lasers, including high power, multi-kilowatt materials processing lasers.

There are two standard size screens, both of which are 1.98 m high.

LBS-HD-8 is 2.35 m wide
LBS-HD-4 is 1.185 m wide

The screens consist of a 50 mm thick special lightweight laser-blocking material, with a white finish on both sides. This is mounted on a powder coated steel framework, with heavy-duty lockable castors. The screens can be wheeled into position and then kept there by locking the castors. They can be used to form a complete enclosure or part thereof. 

Heavy-duty screens can be used to block lasers of all wavelengths. They offer protection to the following specifications:


(T3) 10s

(T2) 100s

4 mm2

61 MW/m2

34 MW/m2

2000 mm2

2.7 MW/m2

1.5 MW/m2

Where a production line uses a Class 4 laser for cutting and welding, it is impractical for the whole facility to observe Class 4 safety regulations. However, laser blocking screens can be formed into an enclosure to protect other workers, or alternatively a complete enclosure can be built to turn the laser facility into a Class 1 system.

Flat Foot Laser-Blocking Screens

Lasermet Flatfoot laser screens

These lightweight, Flatfoot Laser Blocking Screens are designed as a semi- permanent passive guard to enclose an area where Class 3B or Class 4 Lasers are in use providing protection as follows:-


(T3) 10s

(T2) 100s

4 mm2

30 MW/m2

17 MW/m2

2000 mm2

1.4 MW/m2

0.8 MW/m2

Two people can install and manoeuvre the modular screens into place to provide a rapid-build laser enclosure and attach to extend or change the enclosure, providing a flexible approach to installations, facilitating potential relocation or expansion.


Specially designed and manufactured by Lasermet, each screen measures 1550mm wide x 2000mm tall and comprises of a 20mm sandwich of special lightweight laser blocking material, with a white powder coat finish on both sides. The screen is mounted within a 25mm powder coated steel frame which is in turn mounted on two low profile (5mm high) feet to eliminate any trip hazard. Screens can be connected together either in straight lines or angled at 90º using connecting pieces.

To download pdf brochure, please visit our Downloads page here.

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