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Sunday26 June 2022

The Lasermet Laser Jailer active laser guarding system combines an inherently fail-safe laser detection technique and Lasermet's proven laser interlock control system technology to create an active laser guarding system which is fail safe to Machinery Directive Standard EN13849-1.

Laser Jailer

This photograph shows three enclosures housing a 16kW fibre laser which is distributed to three robots - one in each separate room within the enclosure. ICS-15XM Laser interlock controllers can be seen adjacent to the doors.


The system is designed to contain a high powered laser beam in a laser enclosure which is smaller and lighter than would otherwise be necessary. It comprises of an outer passive enclosure and an inner active enclosure made up of detector tiles which are connected to Lasermet's ICS interlock system.

Lasermet's fail-safe technology isolates the laser safety input in less than 50ms. The laser machine responds to this laser termination signal and laser radiation is terminated – the actual laser termination time being dependent on the laser machine in use.

Lasermet Optoblok

Optoblok Optical Table Laser Guarding

Lasermet and NPL have produced this joint venture product, Optoblok, the latest safety equipment for use in optical laboratories.

Optoblok, the Optical Table Laser Guarding System is designed specifically to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser optics laboratory. This new modular system fits neatly on to optical tables to provide a 300mm high wall.

The system comprises of certified laser blocking walled panels, posts (to screw into the table) and channel posts which are either straight or right angled to connect the wall panels together.

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