Lasermet's Active Laser Safety Window, known as the Glaser Jailer, is a failsafe safety system that enables high powered lasers to be switched off virtually immediately if the laser beam inadvertently strikes the window.

Usually fitted into the panels or doors of the Laser Castle (Laser Safety Cabin), Glaser Jailer is connected to the interlock control system to enable laser welding operations to be viewed safely from outside the cabin.

This enables multi-kilowatt lasers (up to 10kW) used for welding, cutting and cladding to be made safe, preventing harm to personnel and preventing damage to surrounding infrastructure. The Glaser Jailer window is suitable for all laser powers, wavelengths and waveforms.

Integrated into Lasermet's Laser Jailer active laser guarding system, it provides a complete active solution. Currently in operation worldwide, this revolutionary active, patented technology is already tested and proven.

Glaser Jailer windows are constantly monitored by the interlock control system when the laser is in operation. A direct hit by a powerful laser will cause the window to activate the interlock controller which then turns the laser off. This failsafe technology isolates the laser safety input in less than 50 milli-seconds.

The window should be replaced following a direct hit, but only following an investigation into the cause of the direct hit and when corrective measures have been taken to prevent it happening again.