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Monday04 December 2023

NoIR--an independent manufacturer and eye-protection specialist--has been providing medical and industrial safety eyewear since 1973 to a global community of laser manufacturers, medical and industrial UV/blue light system manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians and pharmaceutical and telelcommunication companies. Custom frequency absorption, alignment, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy, and enhancement filters are available. Since eye protection is only effective when it's worn, LaserShield filters come in lightweight and comfortable styles that are easy to wear.

Full details, including specifications and ordering information, available in pdf brochure available for download here.

Offenhauser + Bergerr manufactures high quality eyewear with some of the highest ratings available.

Glendale offers a broad range of LGT, Polymer and prescription laser protection eyewear to meet all your safety needs.

The Lasermet WIFE is an automatic LED sign that shows which laser wavelengths are in use in the laboratory, so you can select the correct laser protective eyewear before entering.

The Lasermet Passive ALF is the name attributed to the latest safety helmet designed specifically for hand held laser welding applications. Although it looks similar to conventional designs, the passive laser welding helmet has inbuilt laser wavelength filtering to prevent the user absorbing high amounts of laser radiation emanating from the laser welding operation.

Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures

Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures is designed to protect the eyes of the patient whilst giving maximum access to the patients face. This is especially important for facial cosmetic procedures.

The Thorlabs LG series of laser safety glasses provide CE certified laser radiation protection. The comfortable frame style can be used over the top of prescription lenses and has top and side shields to protect the user's eyes from peripheral laser radiation. The interior dimensions of the LG series of laser goggles are 145 mm x 53 mm and have a 140 mm temple. The lenses have a diagonal length of 68 mm. Each pair of laser safety glasses comes with a protective storage case, a slip on neck strap, and a cleaning cloth.

NoIR LaserShield available filter colours below, with specifications, further below.

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