NoIR--an independent manufacturer and eye-protection specialist--has been providing medical and industrial safety eyewear since 1973 to a global community of laser manufacturers, medical and industrial UV/blue light system manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians and pharmaceutical and telelcommunication companies. Custom frequency absorption, alignment, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy, and enhancement filters are available. Since eye protection is only effective when it's worn, LaserShield filters come in lightweight and comfortable styles that are easy to wear.

Providing a coherent approach to laser protection for the global community of laser users.

Look Smart:
Laser goggles for medical, dental, industrial, scientific and military applications. CE-certified LaserShields exceed US and international laser safety standards.

NoIR-an independent laser eyewear specialist and US manufacturer-is dedicated to new product development and custom wavelength absorption. If a stock laser safety filter is not available, contact us to design a custom solution.

NoIR LaserShields are the product of engineering innovation and tight manufacturing tolerances, providing an optimal balance between protection and visibility.

  • Polycarbonate LaserShields goggles-hardcoated and unbreakable
  • Laser protection and absorptive dyes molded into the plastic.
  • All specifications guaranteed.
  • Non-reflective technology-energy is absorbed for a minimum of 10 seconds before loss of protection.
  • LaserShield dyes are based on decades of research and innovation in chemistry-LaserShields will not photobleach or degrade over time.
  • Unlikely surface scratches have no affect on laser protection.
  • Converging protection with comfort and style.

NoIR laser safety goggles have found applications in nearly every discipline that employs coherent or non-coherent light, including enhancement of fluorescence of bodily fluids and latent fingerprints for forensics; enhancement of chemiluminesence and fluorescence in medical, biological and even marine biological applications; dye enhancement in leak detection, patient protection in post-treatment pharmaceutical applications, UV protection in dental and industrial bonding/curing/whitening applications and more. Contact a NoIR technical representative to discuss your light-based eye protection-enhancement needs.

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Full details, including specifications and ordering information, available in pdf brochure: Download here.