The Lasermet Passive ALF is the name attributed to the latest safety helmet designed specifically for hand held laser welding applications. Although it looks similar to conventional designs, the passive laser welding helmet has inbuilt laser wavelength filtering to prevent the user absorbing high amounts of laser radiation emanating from the laser welding operation.

  • Ideal for hand held laser welding
  • Protection from laser radiation
  • Passive laser filter protection
  • Connects to Laser Safety Interlock

User safety is paramount and using this helmet will reduce the amount of laser energy transmitted to a safe level in the event that there is either direct hit or a high level of reflection from the laser welding process.

Passive ALF is connected to the laser interlock controller so that if the helmet is not being worn, or if the visor is in the up position, the laser will not fire.

To enable the laser the user must be wearing the helmet and the visor must be in the down position.

The Best Practice set-up for handheld laser welding applications uses the following:

  • Laser Castle Lite – laser safety cabin enclosure, or
  • Dolphin Curtain Pod – handheld laser welding enclosure
  • ICS-7-ALF laser interlock controller
  • Passive ALF laser welding helmet