Glendale offers a broad range of LGT, Polymer and prescription laser protection eyewear to meet all your safety needs.

Their LGT (laser glass technology) is designed to withstand direct laser radiation for short durations. Absorbing glass, dielectrics and self-healing plastics are combined to maximize visibility and weight and to provide impact resistance. 

Sperian Polymer styles are designed to maximize visibility while providing unsurpassed attenuation by narrowing the absorption band to the specific laser wavelengths. Manufactured to stringent US ANSI Z136.1 and European standards (EN207/208) in an ISO certified state-of-the-art facility. All Sperian laser eyewear comes with a lifetime frame guarantee.

For the ultimate in comfort and wearability, eliminate the need to fit laser protection over your Rx glasses with our prescription laser eyewear. All products are manufactured by Glendale's in-house optical lab. All Glendale laser eyewear comes with a lifetime frame guarantee.