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Sunday26 June 2022

The full range of eyewear tested to EN 207 for Femto and Pico Second Pulsed Lasers.

Cost effective eyewear held in stock for quick delivery.

Frame Style A  Frame Style B Frame Style C


High quality polycarbonate eyewear.

 Spirit (Sp)  Hornet (Ht)  Raptor (Ra)   Phantom (Ph)
 Tornado (To)  Falcon (Fa)  Antonov (An)  

Balance protection with spot visibility for alignment or adjustment

These Alignment Goggles balance protection with visibility of the spot from the laser beam for alignment or adjustment purposes. Choose the correct EN 208 R rating. For guidance contact our sales team or see the EN 208 Alignment Eyewear article.

 Type BML Type KBL  Type SKL or 9162  Type LMO
 Type XC  Type EL  Type LGF  

Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures

Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures is designed to protect the eyes of the patient whilst giving maximum access to the patients face. This is especially important for facial cosmetic procedures.

Eyewear for IPL hair removal and cosmetic applications

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems commonly used for cosmetic applications such as hair removal and skin resurfacing present a hazard to the eyes of both operators and patients alike.  We offer a range of options offering protection with the minimum obstruction to the procedures.

For laser protection, laser alignment, Intense Pulsed Light cosmetic systems and patient protection, Laservision offer the largest selection of laser goggles available online with over one hundred different filters and more than twenty frame styles to choose from.

Browse through our online catalogue to find what you need, or contact our sales department for advice.

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