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Sunday26 June 2022

ICS-15XM Laser Interlock Control System

ICS-15XM Laser Interlock Control System

Failsafe laser safety interlock control system for advanced installation

The ICS-15XM is the most adaptable, expandable, all-encompassing laser safety interlock system yet developed by Lasermet. 

Its extended capability includes full dual channel architecture including dual safety and emergency stop circuits with separate dual channel control for each circuit. It can display up to 10 interlocks plus two emergency stop circuits. It has 9 output contacts for operating interlocks, beam shutters and door locks. It can be remotely monitored over a network and the internet with the plug-in expansion module. 

The interlock output functions include:          

  • Interlocked mains power supply
  • Interlocked low voltage supply for directly powering laser shutters, door locks, low voltage warning signs and other accessories         
  • Laser interlock connector operators
  • Key-switch operation to prevent unauthorised use    
  • Arm and disarm Laser button
  • Time limited fail-safe override option
  • Automatic switching of illuminated signs
  • Emergency stop circuit

To download pdf brochure, please visit our Downloads page here.

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