The result of an intensive development programme, the Lasermet Ultra Range of LED signs offer state of the art LED technology in a highly aesthetic design.

Ultra Slim Design

With a thickness of only 24 mm these signs are the ultimate in slim-line design and can be wall mounted at any height without causing any form of obstruction or hazard.

The signs are constructed of an aluminium extrusion with textured matt black powder coat finish, moulded black plastic end caps and tinted acrylic front panel, giving a highly desirable appearance.

Low Voltage Secret Sign

The front panel tint is balanced for maximum contrast and the sign is secret when not lit. Operation is from 24 VDC which is inherently safer than mains wiring as well as being easier and cheaper to install.

Custom Legends and Colours to Suit Application

A range of standard signs have been developed. Check our website to see the standard texts which are available.

Lasermet can create custom legends and graphics to customer specification. These can be in the standard white or any colour as desired. Dual message signs which display different messages in red and green within the same area of the sign (see our mini LED sign technology for examples of this), can also be created.

Variable Brightness Option

The Ultra LED signs have an option to incorporate an automatic variable brightness control, enabling the signs to vary their output to match the background illumination.

This avoids signs becoming ‘flooded out’ by sunlight or other illumination, or being overly bright in darker conditions. It also means the signs will save power in low light conditions. Alternatively the signs can be fixed at full brightness or the brightness can be controlled externally by applying a control voltage (0 – 24 VDC).

Dual Redundancy Option

Lasermet provides an option for the Ultra signs to be shipped with dual LED illuminator boards, which provides redundancy in the case of LED failure.  If true redundancy is required a second control board should be requested (part no: LEDSULT- CB). This fits inside the sign and provides true dual redundancy in the event of LED or control board failure. The sign can then be run from a single supply or dual supplies for highly safety critical applications. Monitor contacts can be provided as an option.

Maintenance Free

The LEDs have a 50,000 hour operational lifetime making these signs effectively maintenance free, eliminating both maintenance costs and risks.


Lasermet Ultra signs are available in either Standard or Large Size. Standard size is 470 mm long, while large size is 790 mm long. Both options are 178 mm high and just 24mm thick.

Single or Multiple Signs

One sign can produce, in any colour, a single message, or two different messages in red and green. Also, a number of signs can be connected together in a stack to create a multiple sign, as shown below. The signs are suitable for indoor use.