These Lasermet Small LED signs can be switched either automatically or manually using the two or three way switch available on the 24V DC power supply. (A 48VDC option is also available). The switchable power supply has an indicator LED at the end of the switch toggle which displays the respective colour of the sign. This power supply can operate either one or two compact backlit LED signs.

  • Compact backlit LED signs for use in commercial, retail or industrial premises
  • Environmentally friendly, low power consumption, LED signs using only 3.6W each
  • Available in either two state or three state options.
  • Expected lifetime of 50,000 hours, requiring no maintenance during their operational life



The compact signs can be supplied with specifically designed wording and symbols according to the customer requirements. The custom wording designs can be outlined by the customer to indicate the required design.

‘Room in use’ LED Signs

Single Message and Dual Message LED “Room in Use” information signs. Single Message signs are backlit yellow, dual message signs green and red.


  • Dimensions: 160 mm wide x 108 mm high x 38.5 mm deep
  • Weight: 160g
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 150mA at 24VDC (3.6W)